Tattoo Removal Techniques

Three Tattoo Removal Techniques You Might Want to Try

An unwanted tattoo is an unenviable situation to find yourself in. Thankfully, there are plenty of tattoo removal techniques available for you to choose from. Each uses a different procedure and has different side effects.

Tattoo Removal Techniques – Removal by Replacement

Tattoo removal techniques generally leave scarring behind. Removal by replacement is particularly popular amongst tattoo aficionados because it doesn’t leave any ugly scarring. Plus they can address the issue of a piece of art they don’t want.

Removal by replacement tends to be expensive, particularly if dealing with a bigger piece, however. You also need to find a great tattoo artist to get this right.

Tattoo Removal Techniques – Laser Removal

The most common method of the tattoo removal techniques is carried out with a laser. Lasers break down the ink particles of the tattoo, which is then absorbed by the body. It’s designed to mimic natural fading caused by the sun and time. It requires multiple visits, especially when dealing with colour tattoos. There can be some pain involved too.

Certain colours will be more difficult to remove than others. It’s known that bright green is the most resistant colour to lasers. Simple black tattoos are relatively easy and cost-effective to remove, making this the best option for complete removal.

There are many types of tattoo removal techniques relating to lasers. Do your research on the different types of laser.

Tattoo Removal Techniques – Removal Cream

Removal cream has acquired a lot of controversy amongst tattoo removal techniques in recent times. This is simply because removal cream is unproven. Some institutes have backed the claims put up by the manufacturers. The cream is painless and doesn’t leave any scarring.

The problem is it can take months to see the results you want. If you have a particularly embarrassing tattoo, it can make this method undesirable.

Do be careful when choosing from the various removal creams on offer. They won’t cost much more than $200, but there can be a big difference between brands. Seek out some independent research on each brand prior to letting go of your money.

Overall, when considering your tattoo removal method of choice, take a look at the type of tattoo you have. Approach a talented tattoo artist and ask about the best method for you.

Also, remember that there’s an ultra-expensive surgery to instantly remove a tattoo. It can be traumatic and you will have to pay thousands of dollars to receive it. For most people, this isn’t a financially viable option, even if it is effective.